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Avada Hearing Aids
Avada hearing aids are called "franchise" hearing aids. Avada Ear hearing aids are made by another major manufacture, but are sold under their own label. Below, we have listed Avada's product names along with the comparable product from their parent company Oticon who makes their hearing aids. By purchasing the Oticon's name brand hearing aids, you will get the same hearing aid, and you will save $1,000 of dollars with us.
Avada Hearing Aids are a division of Oticon
Avada Hearing Aid Oticon Equivalent Columbus Ohio Hearing Aids Price
Arris PHD    Oticon Delta (4000, 6000, and 8000) $1,299 to $2,099
Arris PHD Plus Oticon Dual Mini (m5, m7, and m9) $1,899 to $2,499
Blulink M200, M190, M180 Oticon Dual XW, Dual W, and Dual V 1899 to $2,499
HearO 1400 Vigo $1,799
HearO 1600 VigoPRO $1,999
HearO 1800 Wpoq V $1,899
HearO 2000 Epoq W $1,999
HearO M 120 & JearO M100 Epoq XW $2,499

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